Hong Kong police finger bitten off by protester in shopping mall

A melee.

Emily Lo | July 17, 2019 @ 02:17 pm


Scenes of carnage and violence played out in Hong Kong in the New Territories near the border with mainland China on July 14.

This was despite the first mass anti-extradition protest breaking out more than a month ago on June 9, with no signs of sporadic protests and violence dying out anytime soon.

Sunday violence

Things turned ugly on Sunday after protesters moved to new areas to protest resulting in riot police storming a shopping mall.

The bloody scenes occurred as the protest wore on into the night, following a largely peaceful and lawful protest in the afternoon in Sha Tin, a residential district in the New Territories.

Shopping mall turned into a battleground

At around 10pm, riot police marched into New Town Plaza mall to disperse protesters using pepper stray and batons, as well as to block the exits.

Protesters were pushed back as the police stormed the shopping mall right next to Sha Tin MTR station. 

Some protesters, including the ones on the higher floors, responded by throwing plastic water bottles and umbrellas at the police.

More police arrived shortly to drive protesters away from the shopping mall, leading to more clashes and chaotic scenes like these:

Protesters caught on video beating up a police officer

Protesters were then seen beating up a man, who appeared to be a police officer, and kicking him to the floor.

Apparently the man did not carry any identification card with him, so protesters accused him of “falsely pretending to be a police officer”, triggering the violent scene.

The police officer fell to the ground after being kicked by a protester on the escalator.

Other protesters quickly went up and kicked him repeatedly, with a number of them using umbrellas to assault him.

A journalist jumped in to protect the police officer from the crowd, while some other protesters were seen pulling the other attackers away from the downed officer.

According to MingPao, Legislative Council member Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, was one of those who stepped in to help pull protesters away from the police officer.

A group of police arrived shortly after to attend to the officer and take him away from the scene.

Police officer’s finger bitten off by a protester

Screenshot via RTHK

In a video uploaded by RTHK, a police officer showed his half-bitten finger to the media, claiming that it was bitten off by a protester during a clash.

Another photo uploaded by Campus TV of the University of Hong Kong, showed a protester being dragged on the floor with a police officer’s finger “poking into his eyes”, while he appeared to be biting the police officer’s finger.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the police officer in these two photos are the same person.

Police commissioner: Rioters have lost their sanity

On July 15, during a hospital visit, Commission of Police Stephen Lo Wai-chung announced that at least 40 people have been arrested after the clash at New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin, with 28 injured including 11 police officers.

Two of them lost their fingers.

He also commented on the violence of the “rioters”, saying that they have “lost their sanity” as they repeatedly kicked a police officer.

During the interview, one man was heard shouting, “Lo Wai-chung you suck d*ck! F*ck your mother pretending to be a fool!”.

However, the police did not go after the man, who then hopped on a taxi and left the hospital, according to HK01.

Top image via ChanKamShui/Facebook

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