Henry Thia, Zhu Houren & others rap live in dialect on stage for charity broadcast on Channel 8

Move along, Shigga Shay.

Mandy How | July 12, 04:12 pm


Long-time audience members of Channel 8 will be familiar with the following names: Henry Thia, 67, Mark Lee, 50, Richard Low, 67, Zhu Houren, 64, Marcus Chin, 65, and Henry Heng, 64.

Although mostly in their 60s, the veteran celebrities put up a rousing performance on the Sian Chay Bonding With Love Charity Show 2019, where they rap enthusiastically in dialect. 

You can watch the performance here:

The rap was creatively made up of five dialects, such as Hokkien and Cantonese.

If you can’t put a face to their names, here they are.

Henry Thia:

Henry Heng:

Marcus Chin:

Zhu Houren:

Richard Low:

And Mark Lee:

Audience members were impressed by their spunk and energy levels.

“The song is not bad, the elders gave in their all in the performance, worth promoting.”

“They may be old in age, but their articulation is great, and their caring hearts propel the performance.

Because of the love in their hearts, they get more handsome the older they are!”

If you didn’t watch it just now, here you go:

Top image via Channel 8/Facebook

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