Filipino family buys meal for elderly woman, finds out she's trying to get blood for sickly husband

The grandmother had approached them for help.

Fasiha Nazren| July 07, 12:57 PM

On July 5, Twitter user @clizyvonne_, also known as Yvonne, was just having a regular meal with her mother at a Wendy's outlet in the Philippines.

However, one elderly woman made it an unforgettable meal.

Offered a meal

While Yvonne and her mother were eating, an elderly woman came along.

Calling her Lola, which means "grandmother" in Tagalog, the elderly woman was using a walking cane as support and approached Yvonne and her mother to ask for help.

Realising that it was lunch time, Yvonne's mother asked the elderly woman if she already had her lunch, which she didn't.

Trying to get blood for husband's treatment

Her mother then bought the elderly woman a meal and talked to her while she was having her fill.

The 85-year-old elderly woman shared that she had come all the way from Laguna Province to get help for her sickly husband.

Her husband apparently needs four bags of blood for his treatment.

However, he currently only has two bags.

Gave some money

Upon hearing the grandmother's story, both Yvonne and her mother began to tear up.

After finishing their meal together, Yvonne's mother went on to give some money to the elderly woman to help ease her burden.

Yvonne ended her thread saying this in Tagalog:

"Take care of yourself, grandmother."

Translation: "She came from Laguna Province and then I saw my mother crying a little so I cried well that's it, aren't we all soft for lolas? Then, my mother gave her money for her to buy blood. My mom has the kindest heart, really. Take care of yourself, lola."

Faith in humanity restored

The tweet went viral, garnering over 4,000 retweets and more than 15,000 likes.

Some praised both Yvonne and her mother for their kind deeds.

While others hope they could reach out and help the elderly woman.

Translation: "What type of blood does he need? If it's type AB, I might be able to help."

Fears of scam

Despite the general goodwill in the thread, some did point out that the lady's story might not be what it seems.

Their fears were based on a Facebook post a year ago warning of an eerily similar concept of old lady asking for money to buy blood.

And an article a few years back detailing the same-ish situation in Manila.

Here's the full thread:

Top image from @clizyvonne_ on Twitter