Cyclist unhappy car cut too close while overtaking on single-lane Neo Tiew Road

So, who is right in this case?

Guan Zhen Tan | July 23, 2019 @ 06:14 pm


A car driver has taken to Facebook with video and photographic proof claiming a cyclist was unhappy at being overtaken on the road.

The post alleged that the cyclist subsequently even used his fist to bang the car’s side window and he overtook the car in retaliation.

The incident occurred along Neo Tiew Road in Lim Chu Kang at 8:15am on July 20.

Allegedly shouted at the driver, banged on car window

Videos posted showed two cyclists riding abreast in front of the car.

The car then proceeded to overtake the two cyclists, filtering out into the next lane to go against the flow of traffic, before driving in front of them.

Cyclist overtakes back

Subsequently, one of the cyclists dressed in blue could be seen speeding up.

The driver alleged that the cyclist then banged on the car window, and shouted.

A photo showed what looked like hand imprints on the window:

The videos do not have audio recording.

The footage showed the cyclist overtaking the car from the right, and briefly turning to look at the driver.

However, the footage also showed the car cutting close to one of the cyclists when overtaking, resulting in the cyclist taking some defensive action by swerving aside momentarily.

Still stuck behind lorry

The car that overtook the cyclists only ended up behind a lorry that had been travelling in front of all of them the whole time.

Cyclists supposed to keep left, but are able to ride two abreast

So, who is right in this case?

According to the Road Traffic Act, under the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules at in Chapter 276, Section 140, cyclists are not supposed to obstruct vehicles moving at a faster speed.

In fact, they are required to keep to the left-hand edge of the roadway.

However, they are allowed to ride two abreast (side by side) in the same direction on a public road.

In some situations, riding two abreast will cause cyclists to obstruct the faster motor vehicles behind them, despite still operating within the road rules.

In this case, overtaking such cyclists may have actually been the right thing to do.

But the car, in this instance, overtook the cyclists only for its way to be stymied by the lorry.

Overtaking at such a close distance might pose a safety risk.

You can read more on rules regarding cycling on public roads here:

Bicycles in S’pore are obliged to give way to faster traffic

Top image via Soon Ho Hui’s Facebook post

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