ComfortDelGro fires taxi driver who shamed drunk lady for not paying fare

He could have handled the situation better.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 15, 07:40 pm


A ComfortDelGro taxi driver has recently sparked controversy for shaming an apparently drunk passenger who did not pay for the fare after the ride.

Comments however mostly took the side of the passenger, and chastised the driver for being too harsh on her.

Contract terminated

In response to this incident, transport operator ComfortDelGro announced in a statement on July 15 that the company has terminated the taxi driver’s contract, according to The Straits Times.

The group chief corporate communications officer Tammy Tan described the driver’s behaviour as “unacceptable”.

Tan also stated that drivers who encounter tricky situations like this should report the case to the police and the company instead.

As the passenger had repeatedly said that she would want to pay the fee, many netizens also disagreed with the driver’s action.

You can read about what happened here:

S’pore taxi driver shames seemingly drunk lady for not paying fare, backfires

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