Instagram account of 19-year-old 'gamer girl' who sold S$40 bath water deleted

Users were claiming that they had caused the deletion.

Mandy How| July 20, 12:25 AM

UK-based cosplayer/influencer Belle Delphine shot to infamy after selling her tubs of her bath water for USD30 (S$40).

Delphine, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, had over four million followers on Instagram. 

Had, because the account no longer exists.

This was announced by Delphine's fan account on Twitter in the early afternoon of July 19:

Strangely enough, Delphine herself has made no mention of the account's erasure on her Twitter and YouTube account, even though she previously addressed rumours that her bath water was giving people herpes.

Prior to her bath water enterprise, the 19-year-old was known for her raunchy photos.

Users claiming to be cause of deletion

In response to the thread, one Twitter user shared this screenshot:

Another screenshot was uploaded to Reddit:

Image via Reddit

The cosplayer, however, still has other products for sale on her website (mostly posters), although bath water has been taken off the shelves.


Top image via Belle Delphine's Twitter