American fast food chain makes ‘meat carrot’ in defiance of mock meat trend


Mandy How | July 4, 04:24 pm


Despite being entirely plant-based, the Impossible patty tastes uncannily like real meat.

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But American fast food chain Arby’s is having none of it.

In defiance of the mock meat trend, Arby’s has created a “marrot” — a carrot made of meat.

Turkey meat, to be specific.

Here’s the meat carrot:

Image by Arby’s

And here’s what it used to look like:

Image by Arby’s

10/10 makeover.

How it’s done

According to Foodbeast, turkey breast is wrapped in cheesecloth (not actually made of cheese) and cooked sous vide for an hour.

The meat is then rolled in carrot powder, roasted for another hour, and topped with parsley to get that carroty look.

Like so:

Image by Arby’s

The marrot contains 30 grams of protein and 70 per cent of the required daily value of Vitamin A, Insider reports.

Insider adds that the marrot tastes much like a real carrot, with a “sweet maple taste with earthy, herb-filled undertones.”

However, instead of a crunchy texture, the marrot features a “crisp, glazed coating” over tender turkey.

To really rub it in, the fast food chain also said earlier in May, “Arby’s is not one of the restaurant companies interested in working with Impossible Foods.”

Here’s a short video on how they make it, if you’re curious:

Although not widely available yet, Arby’s brand executive chef Neville Craw hints at the possibility of the marrot being on the menu in the future.

Top image via Arby’s

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