Alaska hits record high 32°C in July 2019

Yet another warning.

Zhangxin Zheng| July 17, 01:57 PM

The northern hemisphere continues to experience an unprecedented heat.

The temperature in one of the coldest places on Earth has hit a record high yet again.

Alaska hit 32°C in July 2019

According to Earth Observatory by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), cities in Alaska have been breaking the historical records of the daily high-temperature. 

Image from Earth Observatory NASA.

On July 4, an Alaskan city called Anchorage hit 32°C.

The usual daily high is 17°C during this period.

The city once hit 29°C 30 years ago.

Anchorage also had six consecutive days when the temperature exceeded 26.7°C.

Extreme heat sparked wildfires

With erratic weather, cities in Alaska have been troubled with forest fires too.

There have been 38 large fires as of July 9 in Alaska.

The heat has caused lightning-triggered fires in areas such as Fairbanks and Koyukuk Wilderness to spread quickly.

As a result, air quality and visibility have dropped due to smoke and air particulates.


Image from Earth Observatory NASA.

Top photo from Earth Observatory NASA and