Hong Kong actress Ada Choi’s 80m² apartment costs S$2 million


Zhangxin Zheng | July 16, 12:14 pm


Buying a house is not cheap in Singapore.

People in Hong Kong are also facing skyrocketing real estate prices like us.

80m² apartment costs S$2 million

45-year-old Hong Kong actress Ada Choi recently participated in a Chinese variety show, Incredible Mums 2.

Choi married 45-year-old Chinese actor Max Zhang in 2008.

They have two daughters, eight-year-old Zoe and six-year-old Chloe.

The couple are also expecting their third child.

The show featured a sneak peek into their cosy abode in Hong Kong.

To many’s surprise, Choi’s 80m² apartment, which is smaller than some of the four-room flats in Singapore, costs 10 million yuan (S$2 million).

This is about the size of a four-room HDB flat in Singapore.

Take the girls’ room for example.

The room appears to be just two small-sized beds and a table by the window:

Screenshot from 热门网综 video.

Creative use of space

However, viewers also were impressed with how the family maximised the limited space creatively, with a rope ladder and a swing in the house:

Screenshot from 热门网综 video.
Screenshot from 热门网综 video.
Screenshot from 热门网综 video.


Top photo collage from 热门网综 video screengrab and Ada Choi’s Instagram

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