WP chief Pritam Singh issues classy response to Nee Soon GRC MP’s Father’s Day shade

People noticed.

Jeanette Tan | June 18, 11:53 am


For many of us, Father’s Day was a Sunday we might have spent with our dads.

For some of our Members of Parliament, part of their Father’s Day was spent visiting residents in their constituencies, or constituencies of interest.

On the particular Father’s Day, two fathers who were also MPs (Aljunied GRC MP Pritam Singh and Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim) happened to meet in a constituency represented by one of the dads — Nee Soon GRC.

Both were glad to be there, it seems. This was a post from his visit:

After their chance meeting, the “host” MP, Faishal, took to Facebook with this:

In case you can’t read what he wrote:

“Been a while since Pritam and his team visited us. Very infrequent in the last year.

Today we came across Pritam and team today, during my walkabout. Said hello.

The last time we saw them in Nee Soon was more than eight months ago — Nov 2018. And before that, we saw them in February last year.

I was with our volunteers greeting residents, and handing out Fathers Day cards.

Wishing every Dad a #HappyFathersDay.”

Greeting not very well-received

People who saw Faishal’s post duly acknowledged the shade he had thrown at the Workers’ Party secretary-general.


A couple also suggested how he could have perhaps phrased the post a bit better:

Faishal’s post was also shared by Nee Soon GRC’s anchor minister — Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam:

On which there were also some responses that included:

Pritam responds

Faishal’s post also caught the attention of the very man he met on Sunday:

Others noticed his response too:

 Politics, what a fascinating thing.

Top image adapted via Faishal Ibrahim’s Facebook post

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