Instagrammable ‘stairway to heaven’ in Indonesia has scenic backdrop of forest-covered mountains

As long as nobody falls off.

Ashley Tan | June 7, 06:33 pm


You may have come across photos of this really aesthetic lone staircase that extends into the sky.

The staircase has been dubbed the ‘stairway into the sky’ and ‘stairway to heaven’, and can be found at a cafe in South Korea.

South Korea cafe builds ‘stairway to sky’, customers queue 1hr for photos

However, if you aren’t willing to travel all the way to Korea for that Instagram-worthy shot, here’s some good news.

Because there’s a second, equally aesthetic stairway much closer to home.

Another one in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

There happens to be another dreamy staircase extending to the heavens in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Located at Pintoe Langit Dahromo, this set of stairs even has a rustic white doorway at the very top.

Unlike the stairway in Korea, this one in Yogyakarta boasts scenic mountains and lush greenery in the background.

Depending on the time of day, your photos can capture beautiful sunrises or sunsets too.

Here are some of the best shots on Instagram:

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Doorway to an adventure

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This is what the stairs look like from the side:

With the right angle and camera settings, you can even capture the huge sprawl of city lights below and the stars above.

Could be a wedding shoot location, too.

Grand white piano

If you are apprehensive about climbing the staircase, there’s apparently a white grand piano that rests on a wooden platform next to the staircase.

However, it appears that the piano is unplayable.

Someone even recorded himself “performing” on the piano:


Jl. Dahromo, Karang Asem, Muntuk, Dlingo, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55783, Indonesia

Top photo from @joannejojobi and @nsybrenda / IG

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