S’pore man claims to own a pet dog that has cancer, seeks ‘donations’ for treatment

Everyone in his family has cancer. Including his dog.

Melanie Lim | June 26, 09:05 pm


On June 26, 2019, Pauline Doradora Ah took to Facebook to alert people of an alleged scam account on Instagram by the name of “save_fluffy”.

According to Pauline, a man known as Colin Ho has allegedly been using a sob story involving his dog in order to ask for money.

Dog with skin tumour

In the first two screenshots that Pauline had credited to “Joyce”, Ho claimed that Fluffy (his dog) required money for a second surgery after being diagnosed with Mast Cells Tumour Cancer (a kind of skin tumour) in March this year.

Treatment would cost up to S$10,000, the alleged dog owner said.

Ho stated that he did not have enough money for Fluffy’s surgery as he had previously exhausted all his savings paying for his mother’s chemotherapy treatments, and asked Joyce if she could make a S$20 to S$50 donation:

Image via Pauline Doradora Ah
Image via Pauline Doradora Ah

Testing the “dog-owner” out

Following Joyce’s encounter, Pauline decided to use her own Instagram account to test if Ho’s story was indeed true.

Image via Pauline Doradora Ah

Ho then said that Fluffy goes to “Doctor Liang” at West Coast Vetcare.

However, when Pauline asked to see Fluffy’s veterinary bill, Ho began to dodge her questions, and even implied that she didn’t have to donate if she wasn’t “comfortable”:

Image via Pauline Doradora Ah
Image via Pauline Doradora Ah

Ho claimed that he could not produce a bill as Fluffy had not yet undergone surgery, but had stated in an earlier Instagram post that Fluffy already went for his first surgery:

Image via Pauline Doradora Ah

Another user Bridget Tan has since contacted West Coast Vetcare, who confirmed that  there is no”Fluffy” registered in their system.

A quick check also shows that the Instagram account for Fluffy is no longer available.

Involvement in similar incidents in the past

This is not the first time that Ho has reportedly tried to seek donations from the public.

In March 2019, Ho tried to get money from multiple photographers and videographers, as well as wedding vendors, with a story of how his father required funds for an immediate surgery:

Ho stated that his father was suffering from colon cancer, and that he had already exhausted all his savings for his medical expenses.

The incident was also reported by the Chinese media.

If you are unsure of whether you are being scammed or have been scammed, you can seek advice via the anti-scam hotline at 1800-722-6688 or visit Scam Alert’s website here.

Top image courtesy of Pauline Doradora Ah on Facebook

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