Robert Downey Jr. wants to fight climate change & clean up earth with robotics & artificial intelligence

RDJ and Tony Stark are practically the same person??

Ashley Tan| June 10, 06:39 PM

In the Avengers franchise, Iron Man/Tony Stark is a superhero who wished to save the world with the power of technology -- coupled with his riches and ingenuity, of course.

And in real life, actor Robert Downey Jr., wishes to do the same — but this time the enemy isn't otherworldly aliens or tyrants like Thanos, but the insidious damage inflicted upon our planet.

Saving the environment with technology

Speaking at Amazon's Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space (re:MARS) tech conference on June 4, 2019, Downey Jr. extolled on the virtues of artificial intelligence (AI) and talked freely about his acting career and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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At the end of his talk however, the actor took the time to announce the launch of a new organisation aiming to using advanced technologies to save the environment, reported Variety.

The organisation, called the Footprint Coalition, is scheduled to launch in April 2020.

Downey Jr. was quoted stating that "Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years."

This was apparently a statement he had heard from experts just six months ago that prompted him to form Footprint Coalition, The Independent wrote.

However, Downey Jr. did not share any more specifics on how the technology would be utilised to tackle the issues.

Inspired by his role as Iron Man

Downey Jr. reportedly decided to involve himself in the green movement following 11 years of playing Iron Man, according to My Modern Met.

He was apparently inspired by how his character had transformed from a "soulless war profiteer to a man who was willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the community.”

The actor also revealed his personal feelings on the environment, possibly referring to the impending climate crisis.

“I have this quiet sense of crisis.

I’m a one-man carbon footprint nightmare colossus.”

Following the announcement of the coalition and his speech, numerous netizens lauded the move.

Currently, a rather bare website has been set up for the Footprint Coalition. You can sign up for the newsletter and receive more updates here.

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