S’pore police tase allegedly non-compliant tipsy man at Everton Park

Looks like it hurt.

Belmont Lay | June 10, 12:10 am


A video showing an allegedly tipsy man getting tasered by the Singapore police is making the rounds online on June 9:

The incident apparently took place at Everton Park in the Outram area.

What happened

The video showed the allegedly tipsy man in an unbuttoned shirt and bermuda shorts confronted by a pair of police officers initially.

After he shouted at officers and despite being confronted, he still took sips from his can of drink he was holding in his hand.

The stand-off went on for close to a minute.

After which, a police car could be seen pulling up in the background as two more police officers joined their colleagues at the scene.

Police retaliate

At the 1-minute 15-second portion of the video, the man can be seen lunging at the police after he appeared agitated.

Almost immediately after that, one of the police officers behind the man appeared to draw his taser weapon and a gunshot sound could be heard.

It appeared that one of the officers attempted to tase the man from behind, but failed.

The other male police officer who was attacked then struck the man on his legs with his baton at least twice.

The man did not budge or react to the blows even as he was ordered to “Get down” by the police.

In a split second, another gunshot sound could be heard, and this time, the man went down to the ground after he was tased.

You can watch the video in landscape here:


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