Thai influencer ups trick eye Merlion photos with hair-washing video

Not bad.

Mandy How | June 11, 11:40 am


Pretending to drink from the Merlion is common enough.

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But Thai influencer Mayy R did something so drastically different with the Merlion that her video went viral with more than 6,700 shares and 640,000 views.

In the video, May mimes washing and shampooing her hair under the Merlion’s steady spout.

In case you’re lazy to click, here it is.

Her post also included Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) tag #VisitSingapore.

Although relatively unheard of in Singapore, May has over one million followers on Instagram.

Besides the hair-washing photo, the influencer also has several other Instagram posts featuring various tourist hotspots in Singapore:

Most of these came with STB hashtags as well.

Looks like a fun trip.

Top image via Mayy R’s Instagram and Facebook page

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