McDonald’s Curry Sauce Bottles sold out in S’pore, now S$15 on Carousell

Oh no.

Mandy How | June 3, 05:20 pm


Five days after it was released by McDonald’s Singapore, Curry Sauce Bottles have sold out.

This was announced about an hour ago on their Facebook page:

Previously, on May 31 (one day after the product was launched), a spokesperson from the fast food chain said that they have been receiving “fantastic response”.

In fact, McDonald’s even had to replenish the stocks in some stores that had sold out.

Their previous statement:

“We have been receiving fantastic response towards our limited-edition Curry Sauce Bottles since the first day of launch yesterday. We are replenishing stocks in the stores that may have temporarily sold out of them. Overall, stocks are selling out really fast, so get them while they last!”

Each bottle was priced at S$5.50, and customers could purchase a maximum of four bottles with every purchase of McNuggets ala carte, Extra Value Meal or Happy Sharing Box.

McDonald’s S’pore launches curry sauce bottle, spicy nuggets, french onion shaker fries & Kit Kat McFlurry at same time

However, the four-bottle limit did not stop some from purchasing in bulk and reselling them.

A quick search on Carousell sees multiple users selling the Curry Sauce Bottles from S$8-S$15 each:

¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

Top image via McDonald’s Singapore


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