Singtel, M1 & Starhub fibre network service down in northern part of S’pore again


Zhangxin Zheng | June 14, 07:08 pm


M1 and Singtel subscribers in the northern part of Singapore are facing some network problems and cannot log on to the internet again.

In a Facebook post on June 14, M1 updated that its fibre network service is down due to a fibre cable outage as confirmed by its fibre operator Netlink Trust.

Here’s the post:


Singtel also put up a statement on Facebook:

Likewise for Starhub:

Second time in a month

This is the second time that some M1 users are facing this inconvenience in less than a month.

M1 fibre network service in S’pore still down for some after 48 hours

This probably explains the frustration from some Singaporeans as seen from the comment section.

Perhaps it’s a sign for TGIF.

Top photo collage from Google Map and M1 Facebook

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