M’sia candy maker warns of super-similar-looking imitation, gets called out for grammar errors

Eagle-eye commenters also proactively pointed out additional differences the manufacturer didn't flag.

Matthias Ang | June 9, 11:45 pm


Himalaya Salt Candy is apparently a popular sweet in Malaysia.

So popular in fact, that it has allegedly been counterfeited by a particularly crafty copier.

Distributor puts up FB post warning about fake candy

On June 8, Malaysian food distributor BIG FOOT Malaysia put up a Facebook post, accompanied by five photos, with the following caption:


And within the post, four of the photos broke down the differences between the genuine and counterfeit Himalaya Salt Candy, which largely lay in the small text printed on the packaging.

Commenters flag grammar mistakes on genuine packaging

This well-intentioned endeavour regrettably, as often happens with these things, didn’t go down as intended.

In one photo showing the back of the candy’s packaging, BIG FOOT highlighted the grammar error in the imitation product, which had the phrase “Manufacturer In Malaysia By:”.

Source: BIG FOOT Malaysia Facebook

Of course, it was speedily pointed out that the text on the real product was also grammatically wrong:

Screenshot from BIG FOOT Malaysia

A second photo that focused on the differences of the expiry dates between the real and counterfeit packaging was also called out for the multiple major grammar errors in its caption:

“The printing method for expiry date and lot number on the display box is vary. Moreover, Lot: 19C02 is not exist in our company tracing system.”

Screenshot from BIG FOOT Malaysia
Screenshot from BIG FOOT Malaysia

More differences found between real and counterfeit products

Meanwhile, people online identified more differences between the real and imitation products on their own.

BIG FOOT highlighted in one of its photos comparing the front of both packages that the font used for the phrases “Increase Hydration”, “Throat Soothing” and “Fresh Breath” appear slightly bolder on the counterfeit.

Source: BIG FOOT Malaysia Facebook

One commenter further pointed out however, that the brightness of the running figures near the words “Sports Candy” on the fake package, along with the words themselves, also differed significantly.

Screenshot from BIG FOOT Malaysia

Counterfeit product is still a real issue despite errors

The only photo that did not receive additional comments highlighted an additional line break between the words “Delfi Marketing Sdn. Bhd.” and the company’s address on the imitation product.

Source: BIG FOOT Malaysia Facebook

But really, would you memorise these differences and study the package so closely before buying it?

Top image from BIG FOOT Malaysia Facebook page

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