US media company claims S’poreans chew on dried cuttlefish as alternative to gum

In their defence, cuttlefish is pretty yummy.

Guan Zhen Tan | June 24, 02:33 pm


Tastemade Travel, the travel arm of the US-based media giant Tastemade uploaded a video on their Facebook page on June 7,  featuring a dried cuttlefish snack in Singapore.

Here it is.


Weird gum alternative

The 45-second video featured the grilled cuttlefish shreds as a”weird gum alternative that won’t freshen your breath”.

Screenshot via Tastemade Travel’s video on Facebook

The jar of dried cuttlefish was found in Chinatown, and it’s flavoured with chilli and salt.

The video went on to describe the cuttlefish shreds as a product of Singapore getting “creative” after a ban on gum imports.

Screenshot via Tastemade Travel’s video on Facebook
Screenshot via Tastemade Travel’s video on Facebook

The comparison of grilled cuttlefish shreds to chewing gum could possibly be because Ken-Ken, a  Singaporean brand of cuttlefish snacks described prepared cuttlefish as the “chewing gum of the orientals” on its packaging.

Image via Fairprice On


Singaporean cuisine featured

Having amassed over 1.5 million followers since 2015, Tastemade Travel‘s Facebook page features themed videos focused on travelling, various destinations and cuisine all over the world.

The dried cuttlefish video is not their only one on Singapore’s local delights either.

One video featured the dessert ice kachang as “the coolest and weirdest treat from the streets of Singapore”.

Screenshot via Tastemade Travel’s video on Facebook

Another video features the ever-popular carrot cake, with black carrot cake described as one that includes a “sweet molasses sauce”.

Screenshot via Tastemade Travel’s video on Facebook

They made a point to clarify that the “Teochew comfort food” contains no carrots and no cake as well.


Top image via Tastemade Travel’s Facebook video


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