Coney Donut at TripleOne Somerset serves brown sugar boba & salted egg donut cones

Donut hesitate to try one.

Guan Zhen Tan | June 8, 02:02 pm


Coney Donut is a new F&B outlet that recently opened in March at TripleOne Somerset.

As the shop’s name suggests, it serves cone donuts, which are made by rolling dough around a metal cone.

There are both sweet and savoury options available.

Sweet donut cones

The Soft-Serve Donut Cone (S$6.80) comes with a generous portion of soft-serve ice cream, with a choice of sauce and toppings.

Image via konranting on Instagram

You can pick two toppings from a decent selection of snacks like Pocky, Lotus biscuits, fudge cakes, and marshmallows.

You can also get cereals like Honey Stars and Froot Loops.

Other sweet choices include their Apple Pie Custard Donut (S$4.80), Chocolate Hazelnut (S$4.80) and Salted Caramel Macchiato (S$4.80).

If you’d like to go for something more special, there’s the Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Custard cone (S$4.80).

Savoury donut cones

The savoury options include the English Breakfast (S$4.80) donut cone, which is like a portable version of the classic made with freshly scrambled eggs and bacon strips.

And yes, they actually have a salted egg chicken donut cone ($5.20), which makes use of popcorn chicken chunks with salted egg, curry leaf and other spices.

Image may contain: food
Image via konranting on Instagram

Other than donut cones, you could also get donut dogs at the place, which are basically the same thing in a different shape.

The donut dog (S$6.80) is topped with chicken chili sauce and relish.

You can get it as a set meal with Cajun wedges and a drink for S$8.80.

111 Somerset Road TripleOne
Singapore 238164

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 11am – 9pm

Top image adapted via Coney Donut and konranting’s Instagram

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