Japan's Afuri Ramen with yuzu-scented broth to open at revamped Funan Mall June 28, 2019


Ashley Tan| June 06, 06:26 PM

Afuri Ramen is famous in Japan for its yuzu-scented ramen broths.

Now, fans of the chain won't have to take a seven-hour flight just to eat it, because the ramen will be arriving in Singapore at the end of the month.

Citrusy ramen and gyoza

Afuri Ramen will be opening its first outlet in Singapore at the basement of the revamped Funan Mall on June 28, 2019.

It will be arriving here under food and beverage company Japan Foods Holding, which is known for managing other chains such as Ajisen Ramen and Menya Musashi, reported The Straits Times.

The Singapore outlet will be known as Afuri Ramen + Dumpling, and as evident from the name, will serve gyoza alongside its ramen bowls.

One of the outlets in Japan. Photo from Afuri / FB

The ramen chain in Japan is famous for its subtle zesty zing, which comes from the yuzu peel sprinkled in.

Customers can choose a variety of yuzu-scented broths—yuzu shio ramen, yuzu shoyu ramen and yuzu ratan ramen (a spicier version).

In Japan, the tsukemen (dipping ramen) even comes with a yuzu citrus soy sauce-based dip.

No further information on the menu or prices for the upcoming Funan outlet are available yet.

Nonetheless, here are some photos of Afuri's dishes to whet your appetite.

Photo from Afuri / FB

Photo from Afuri / FB

Photo from Afuri / FB

Photo from Afuri / FB

Photo from Afuri / FB

More photos on Instagram:

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.  喜歡Afuri酸酸的柚子香味🍜 我們吃了柚子辣湯麵和柚子醬沾麵,都非常好吃❤️  不知道為什麼 不管天氣冷還是熱 每次到日本都會想吃碗拉麵 然後喜歡坐在吧台的位置 看著師傅熟練的煮麵功夫和店員此起彼落的日文招呼聲,覺得這才是享受一碗拉麵該有的樣子🙂    ▪️柚子鹽拉麵 阿夫利 AFURI 原宿店▪️ 地址:東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-63-1 電話:+81 3-6438-1910 營業時間:10:00–23:00 網址:http://afuri.com/    ———————————————— #20190514到20190520🇯🇵 #afuri #afuriramen #阿夫利 #阿夫利拉麵 #Japan #travel #travelblogger #tokyo #東京旅行 #東京 #原宿 #foodporn #ramen #澀谷 #harajuku #pollyinnrt #pollyinjpn

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Top photo from Afuri/Facebook