Considerate wild boar family trots across pedestrian crossing one by one at Lim Chu Kang

Traffic light wasn't in their favour, but A+ for effort.

Ashley Tan | May 15, 03:43 pm


Pedestrian crossings are meant to ensure order, efficiency and safety on our roads, so that accidents are minimised.

Turns out, it’s not just humans who can be law-abiding (mostly), but animals too.

Law abiding citizens?

A video uploaded to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante on May 11, 2019, showed a family of wild boars using a pedestrian crossing late at night.

The person who uploaded the video stated in comments that this was taken at Lim Chu Kang, just outside Sungei Gedong Camp.

From the dashcam footage, the car can be seen travelling at normal speed, before the driver spotted the ‘pedestrians’ and slowed down.

The family of boars could be seen scurrying across the road one by one.

The procession is led by two adults, followed by five tiny piglets. The last piglet was left to catch up with its family.

However, the video also shows that the traffic lights were green, and in favour of the driver and not the wild boars.

Well, they tried.

Netizens highly amused

Many Facebook users seemed amused at the video, pulling jokes about the wild boars ‘jaywalking’ while the traffic light man was still red.

Others commended the driver for staying alert and preventing what might have become an incident of roadkill.

Seriously though, kudos to the driver for his vigilance.

This is not first time wild animals have taken a leaf out of humans’ book of road safety. In April, a monitor lizard was seen courteously making use of a zebra crossing.

Lawful monitor lizard in Yishun uses zebra crossing, driver waits patiently for it

Top photo from Ng Jer Shenq / Facebook

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