Young man on road at Clarke Quay slams hood of taxi 3 times, refuses to get out of the way

Anger issues.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 1, 10:30 pm


If you come face to face with an incoming car, it is best to try and get away from said car.

One man disagreed with that particular strategy.

A dashcam video apparently taken around 3am on May 1, showed a car travelling along Eu Tong Sen Street.

Here it is.

Image from Google Streets

While it is not entirely clear if the car is a taxi, a person trying to flag the car down at the start of the video, as well, as the Chevrolette tag at the bottom of the dashcam, indicated that it is.

Here is the full video as uploaded by Norman Lee on Beh Chia Lor.

Prior to the young man’s emphatic slapping, there was another man who nearly got hit by the same car.

The honking helped prevent anything untoward from happening, and the man in question got out of the way in time.

He also appeared to be trying to get to the Comfort cab that had slowed down in the other lane.

The next pair would prove to be a bit more obstinate.

The other man in the cap did try to calm his acquaintance down, but that failed rather miserably.

The video ends off with the driver muttering a vulgarity under his breath.

Oh no.

Here’s the full video.

Image collated from Beh Chia Lor/Norman Lee

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