Motorcyclist loses control after clipping side of car turning left at Tampines, angry confrontation ensues

Hope no one was hurt too bad.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 14, 08:01 pm


This video, depends on who you ask, could be a classic case of check before you turn, or, don’t try to overtake a turning car in such a situation.

Here is the video, uploaded by District Singapore.

Here is the video in case you can’t see it.

Here’s a rear-cam view as well.

The incident appears to have taken place right outside Ngee Ann Secondary School on May 10 at 1.47pm.

Here’s the moment where the motorcycle zips past, clipping the side of the car.

Here’s where the motorcycle goes out of control, eventually resulting in the motorcyclist hitting the traffic light.

If you look closely, another motorcyclist also falls over to the side, near the school entrance.

This other motorcyclist, along with some helpful bystanders, goes to check on the man who struck the traffic light.

The other motorcyclist who fell over at the school entrance, then proceeds to make his way back to the where the car is, and angrily confronts the driver.


Most of the comments blamed the riders for either overtaking from the left, or just not heeding the car signal.

With that being said, others did point out that it is good to check for any incoming vehicles before turning as well.

But others doubted whether that would have made a difference.

Image collated from District Singapore

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