Japan Rail launches Mickey Mouse Shinkansen in Kyushu


Melanie Lim | May 27, 12:14 pm


Planning a trip to Kyushu Island this year? Here’s something you can check out.

On May 17, 2019, Japan Rail launched Go! Waku Waku Trip with Mickey, a new Mickey Mouse themed Shinkansen that will run on the Island of Kyushu from now till approximately November 2019.

This six-carriage train service was conceived as part of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary celebrations, and carries on the tradition of previous Japan Rail campaigns that have been inspired by cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu.

The exterior of the Shinkansen is plastered with colourful images of Mickey Mouse and a variety of traditional items associated with Kyushu Island.

These include straw hats, watermelons, as well as a bathing tub and onsen towels.

Image via JRailpass

The interiors of the train on the other hand, are decked out in plush seats that have Mickey ear headrest covers:

Image via JRailpass

That’s not all.

Limited edition Mickey Mouse souvenirs such as notebooks, stationary, tote bags and key-rings are also sold on the bullet trains and stations:

Image via JRailpass


This new train service is now available to all regular ticket holders and Japan Rail pass holders at no additional charge.

Here’s a list of all the train stations served by the Mickey Mouse Shinkansen:

Image via JRailpass

For more information, you can visit JR Kyushu’s official site.

Top image courtesy of Instagram users gacha923 and frndermike

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