M1 fibre network service in S'pore still down for some after 48 hours

Turn off and on again.

Belmont Lay| May 23, 10:53 AM

If you're a M1 subscriber, you might not be able to read this article while hooked up to your WiFi.

That's because M1's fibre network service is still down for some in Singapore after 48 hours.

First day down

Problems with the M1 service started on Tuesday, May 21.

M1 posted just after 1.30pm that day about customers having difficulties logging on:

However, at 5.15pm on the same day, the telco said all affected fibre services have been fully restored.

While northern and eastern parts of Singapore appeared to have been hardest hit, the outage was apparently island-wide with no discernible pattern.

Second day down

The following day, Wednesday May 22, at 9.12am, it appeared the fibre network services were not fully restored by then.

Updates about the status of downed network were then provided throughout the day, with a final update posted at 6.03pm.

It said all affected fibre service have been restored.

After 48 hours

However, after close to 48 hours, it appears there are still customers who cannot log on to their WiFi, and instead are relying on their mobile data for internet access.

The latest M1 Facebook post from May 22 is still being bombarded with complaints and queries on May 23:

Some subscribers have asked for refunds as they have been relying on their mobile data to tide through the WiFi-less period.

One suggestion for those affected is to do a hard reset.

This involves turning off the broadband router and the mains, before turning them on again.