M1 offers S$25 for 30GB SIM-only & S$30 for 12GB handset base plans

More data, yay.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 28, 2019, 06:52 PM

Local telco M1 has made bold revamps to their offerings.

Replacing 19 mobile plans with two new plans

The change comes with the intent to provide users with more data at a cheaper price to "meet changing customer needs and expectations", according to M1.

Scrapping their existing 19 mobile plans, M1 has brought two new plans to the table -- contract or no contract.

The no-contract, SIM-only plan will cost S$25 for 30GB with the following benefits:

While the contract handset base plan will start from S$30 for 12GB:

If you need other services such as more data, data roaming, or a Netflix subscription, you will have to pay for the add-ons.

To top up more data, there are four options, with the cheapest add-on being S$5 for 2GB and unlimited call time, all to be used in three days:

For existing M1 users, you will have to check if you can change to the new plan via the customer service hotline 1627 or the mobile app.

Earlier this month, StarHub's sub-brand Giga! made its entry to the market as well.

While M1's no-contract base plan offers 5GB more for the same price, Giga! allows its users to roll over excess data to the next month.

Sounds pretty good too.

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