Lazada’s CEO allegedly called S’pore shopper after failed purchase Facebook post went viral

Once in a while the CEO will call you.

Mandy How | May 6, 05:36 pm


Update on on May 7, 10:25am: In response to Mothership‘s queries, a Lazada spokesperson replied that they are “committed to providing a trusted and reliable shopping experience for [their] customers”, and have taken “immediate action to resolve the matter”.

Their statement in full:

“We have taken immediate action to resolve the matter, and the relevant product listings have been delisted pending further investigation. We are committed to providing a trusted and reliable shopping experience for our customers, and are constantly taking proactive steps to ensure sellers adhere to our guidelines and policies.”

One of the downsides to online shopping is the risk that your purchase might never reach you.

For one Howard Toh, that risk materialised when the three foldable keyboards he ordered off retail site Lazada never arrived.

Instead, Toh claimed that he only received a mobile phone ring after paying S$42.

He then shared his experience in a Facebook post on May 4, which has since been shared more than 1,000 times.

Here’s what Toh claimed he ordered:

And here’s the item he received:

Toh also remarked that the package could barely fit one keyboard, let alone three.

Got a refund for two keyboards

The order was marked as “delivered” on Toh’s Lazada account, prompting him to start a live chat with the retail site’s agent.

According to Toh, the agent was “apologetic” and promised to escalate the matter internally.

Toh was also told he would receive an email within the next few days.

Toh subsequently received an email and a refund for two of the three keyboards.

Told to return the package

When he asked about the third keyboard, Toh was informed that only two out of the three orders were wrong.

At this point, Toh was furious and insisted that he only received a mobile phone ring.

The agent then advised him to initiate an order return via Lazada’s website.

However, when Toh did so, he was allegedly asked to return the package to SingPost or Ninja Van.

But Toh was unhappy at having to return the package himself.

Subsequently, the agent once again told the shopper that they would escalate the matter, and get approval for someone to pick up Toh’s package.

Gave Lazada “ample time” before putting up Facebook post

It is not clear how much time has elapsed between the complaint and the Facebook post, but Toh listed the following problems that were unresolved up till May 4:

“1) The item listings are still up

2) I don’t have the assurance that I will get the refund for the third missing item after I send back the package”

He then ended the post warning other shoppers about Lazada, claiming that he has given the company “ample time” before putting it up on social media.

“This is a serious matter and Lazada seems to not take this seriously. I have given them ample time to respond appropriately before I put up this post. […]

And you know what? Lazada recently told me that my spending on Lazada is higher than 99% of other shoppers in Singapore. I am not even expecting VIP treatment. Just refund my money, take action against the seller and maybe apologise to me for the inconvenience!”

CEO allegedly called online shopper

On May 6, Toh updated his Facebook post saying that the CEO of Lazada personally called him.

Besides giving Toh a full refund, the listings have also been taken down.

Lazada’s security team is reportedly investigating the sellers as well.

Original post:

Top image via Howard Toh/Facebook


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