Kemono chicken delivers Japanese-style roast chicken islandwide, delivery is flat fee of $3

Delivery fee is $3 no matter where in Singapore you are.

Tsiuwen Yeo | Sponsored | May 13, 2019, 03:11 PM

If you work, study (ahem NTU) or have to frequently visit the most remote areas of Singapore, you should be familiar with how getting food can be a chore.

Being removed from the more populated areas also mean delivery charges can be exorbitantly high.

Roast chicken islandwide delivery

For these long-suffering and hungry folks, there is now another choice for you to turn to.

Kemono Chicken, a F&B company that specialises in Japanese-style roast chicken, offers islandwide delivery for all its products -- as long as it is in Singapore.

Unlike other food delivery services that “deliver islandwide” but may reject you for being too far, Kemono, as stated on their website, will deliver to anywhere in Singapore under two hours.

The delivery fee is a standard $3 no matter where the delivery address is.

Prices for a whole roasted chicken start from $23.

Maximum 1.7 hours delivery time, chickens cooked upon order

The maximum delivery time stated on the website is 1.7 hours, which translates to about 1 hour and 42 minutes.

Which is fair, considering that Kemono claims the food is cooked only when orders are received.

Century-old recipe and roast technique

Kemono’s Japanese-style chickens are apparently made based on roasting techniques and a recipe originating from the Meiji era in Japan.

Officially, the Meiji era was from October 1868 to July 1912.

This makes the recipe and roasting technique about a century old.

More than roast chickens

Other than whole, roast chickens, Kemono also offers pies, bentos and other Japanese-inspired snacks.

Original recipe and Spicy Miso recipe roast chicken ($22.90 each)

Hokkaido Truffle Prawn and Scallop Pie ($10.90)

[caption id="attachment_339727" width="465"] Image from Kemono website[/caption]

Roast Chicken Leg Bento ($10.90)

Special delivery surprise, chance for consumers to win $1,000 cash

Instead of having typical delivery man bring you your chicken, Kemono riders look distinctively different.

Customers will be able to choose from two themed masks, “fun” and “spooky”, for a nice surprise when your food arrives.

There’s also an ongoing competition where you will stand a chance to win $1,000 cash if you take a selfie with your masked rider, and post it on your social media platforms.

Like so:

You can find out more on how to win here.

This sponsored post by Kemono chicken had us eating lots of chicken.