New mobile operator Giga! offers 25GB for S$25 with data roll over feature in June 2019

Free subscription for the first month if you sign up early.

Zhangxin Zheng | May 23, 11:34 am


A new mobile operator Giga! has joined the telco scene in Singapore, a sign that mobile data is becoming way cheaper or that it has been way overpriced.

Giga! is an independent sub-brand by StarHub, tapping on their network but having its own platforms, system and customer support.

This has been perceived as a move by StarHub to compete with Singtel’s GOMO that is offering no-contract plans.

Here’s what Giga! has to bring to the table.

25GB for S$25

There is only one plan introduced by Giga!, which is 25GB of data for S$25 with no contract.

This plan includes 1,000 free SMSes, 1,000 minutes of free talk time, free caller ID and incoming calls.

On top of that, another perk about this plan is that you can also roll over your excess data for the next two months.

The launch also comes with a promotional offer: if you sign up before June 18, 2019, you will be able to enjoy free subscription for the first month.


Given that this is the only plan that Giga! offers, you will have to purchase extra data at 1GB for S$2 if 25GB is insufficient for your usage.

There are also specific data top-ups for social media usage. For example, S$1 for 1GB specifically for Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp usage.

For data roaming, they now offer 1Gb for S$5 for the following 14 countries.

All-digital mobile operator

Giga! is an all-digital mobile operator, which means they do not have any physical outlets and everything is done via its mobile app.

That said, you will have to verify your identity and make payment with a credit card via their app if you are interested in signing up.

Once the sign-up is successful, the SIM-card will be delivered to you within 24 hours via courier service by Gogovan.

Sounds like a pretty good deal and fuss-free?

At least here’s someone from GOMO who won’t be FOMO:

Top photo from Giga! Instagram and Giga! app screenshot

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