Breakdown of 6-minute fight along Jalan Sultan where male fighter attacks female opponent

Spectators were entertained.

Andrew Koay| May 18, 02:53 PM

Last night on May 17, mixed-martial arts fighters entertained a crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

However, on the morning of the same day, a video was already posted on the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page, featuring a mixed-gender fight that entertained a bunch of kopitiam patrons.

The initial melee

The brawl appears to have taken place in front of Sultan Plaza on Jalan Sultan, and features a man and a woman, both in white, taking on three other men.

The video picks up the action after the fight has already started and shows the man in white downing three opponents -- a man wielding a backpack, another in a pink t-shirt, and a gentleman in a grey polo.

The backpack-burdened fighter and his pink-shirt colleague are easily dispatched.

However, the man in a grey polo -- obviously the scholar of the group -- puts up a tougher fight.

After some initially squaring off, he is eventually felled by the man in a white t-shirt who then engages in some ground and pound.

A female fighter joins the action

It is at this juncture that the female companion who was wearing a white dress joins in the exercise, stomping on the man in the grey polo.

No longer resting on his laurels, the competitor with a backpack rushes to interrupt the double reign of strikes.

However, when the female rushed to her partner, the man with a backpack turns his attention to her instead, and attacks her.

He then proceeds to launch some wild punches in her direction, causing some displeasure among the group filming.

The group then made their displeasure known by shouting "Ehh don't fight girl!"


It is at this point that the melee sputters out and the pair in white return to their vehicle, seemingly ready to leave.

However, their trio of opponents stops them, and this results in a bit of stand-off in front of the car.

The lady in white then exits the car and gestures wildly while shouting at her opponents, winning the admiration of the man filming the scene, who called her "steady".

This situation brings in another female who stands on the side of the trio, although it is not clear if any of them know her.

For the next two-and-half minutes, some pushing and a lot of posturing and raised voices come to nothing, although the lady in white managed to get in a kick somewhere.

Getaway scuppered

The couple's next getaway attempt is scuppered when the trio walks up to the driver's side window and appear to exchange some words with the man in white.

They soon walk away, but the man in white emerges from his car once more, this time shouting after his opponents while seemingly calling someone on the phone.

As the trio leave the scene, the man walks in pursuit, stopping to pick a baseball cap off the ground, gesturing and shouting in their direction.

However, the trio -- accompanied by the woman in black -- seems to have had enough of the ordeal.

Top image from All Singapore Stuff Facebook and Google Maps