Car brakes hard as child on kick scooter dashes onto Sembawang road unsupervised behind adult

Almost an A&E case.

Belmont Lay| May 02, 11:52 AM

Children caught on video nearly getting run over on Singapore roads are common enough with the proliferation of dashboard cameras and irresponsible parenting:

Here's another:


Happened in Sembawang

This latest incident took place on April 30, 2019, at about 9.13pm.

The dashcam footage showed a car travelling along a bend at Sembawang Crescent towards Sembawang Way.

Parked cars

At the arc of the bend, there were two stationary vehicles parked by the kerb on the left lane of the double-lane road.

An adult male can be seen having crossed to the next road via the kerb gap that aids pedestrians who cross the road at that location.

Out of nowhere

But as the car was navigating the bend towards the two parked vehicles, a child on a kick scooter appeared from in between the parked vehicles and dashed across the road forcing the driver to brake hard.

The child was shocked as he hopped off his kick scooter.

The adult appeared cheesed despite it being his fault for letting a child cross the road unsupervised on what is an improvised skateboard.


Responses to the video panned the actions of the adult male who walked ahead of the child.

The video commenters noted that the two parked vehicles created a blind spot for the driver that could have resulted in a potential accident -- especially given that the child on a kick scooter crossed the road without checking for oncoming vehicles.

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