South Korea cafe builds ‘stairway to sky’, customers queue 1hr for photos

If you wanna wait.

Tanya Ong | May 28, 2019 @ 02:06 pm


Cafe Ceilo 957 in South Korea has become the latest Instagram hit, thanks to its stairway to the sky.

Here are some photos of it:


Of course, the stairway doesn’t actually reach the sky. You can see how it ends abruptly here:

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신이었다면 제우스 아들 ⚡️⚡️

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?옥과 씨엘로 오픈?

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Apparently, there is a queue for people waiting to take photos on the stairs, with waiting times as long as up to approximately one hour.

Instagram @kkums_

Opened in April

The cafe recently opened in April, and this is what other parts of it look like:

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#씨엘로 #카페 #샹들리에 곡성군 겸면 마전리957-5번지 호수공원 앞 위치한 카페씨엘로☕️ 계단조형물의 포토존까지? 광주 근교 카페를 찾으신다면 카페씨엘로 추천드려요? . . YOUR LIGHT CONSULTANT SWITCH-ON? . 광주광역시 북구 독립로325 중앙조명 . . . #스위치온 #중앙조명 #팬던트조명 #인테리어조명 #인테리어 #광주인테리어조명 #조명 #광주조명 #카페 #레스토랑 #네일샵 #헤어샵 #왁싱샵 #신혼집인테리어 #동명동 #상무지구 #송정 #구시청 #톰딕슨 #플라워팟 #베르판 #라스빗 #루이스폴센 #아르텍 #광주맘 #신혼집인테리어 #홈데코

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The place offers pastries and beverages.


Address: Jeollanam-do Gokseong-gun Gyeom-myeon Majeon-ri 957-5

Opening hours: 12pm to 9pm, daily

Top photo via @heeeon_lim & @hyunvely_k


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