Video on FB shows boat casually sailing right into huge waterspout, apparently in S’pore


Tanya Ong | May 15, 08:06 am


You may have heard of waterspouts in Singapore.

Recently, a waterspout was spotted off the coast of Singapore on the morning of May 11.

Huge waterspout off the coast of S’pore spotted from Tanjong Pagar

Since then, a video has surfaced on Facebook, showing a boat sailing right into a huge waterspout, supposedly in Singapore.

Sailing right into a waterspout

A waterspout can be seen in the video, which appears to be taken by someone on the boat:

Video via FB screenshot.

The boat can be seen sailing right into the waterspout, and is met with what looks like torrential rain.

Water also splashes on to the deck.

Video via FB screenshot.
Video via FB screenshot.

Here’s a gif of it:

And here’s the full video:

One of the videos uploaded to Twitter on May 11 shows a boat in the vicinity of a waterspout in Singapore:

Screenshot via Twitter video/Vikasism

However, it is unclear whether it is the same boat as the one that captured footage of the inside of the waterspout.

Top photo via video screengrab.

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