S'porean videographer allegedly taking legal action after couple posts Facebook complaint

The videographer believes that the couple did not accurately represent the situation.

Andrew Koay| May 31, 07:46 PM

A Singaporean couple might be on the receiving end of legal action after writing a Facebook complaint about their experience with a wedding videographer from Allure Weddings.

In a Facebook on May 29, Jack Lee described the experience he and his wife, Jolene Loke, had with a videographer -- addressed as Han -- who allegedly refused to honour the terms of a contract that had been signed and agreed upon.

In response to the post, Han -- whose company has apparently been on the Singapore Tatler's 'Best of Singapore' list five years running -- told Mothership that he plans to seek legal recourse.

Contract agreed

According to pictures attached to the post, the couple had agreed to a contract with Allure Weddings that included the services of Han, the company's principal cinematographer, for a ROM, pre-wedding shoot, and half-day wedding shoot.

Photo from Jack Lee/Facebook

In total, the services of Allure Weddings cost S$3,300.

According to Lee, the couple had actually engaged the services of a different videographer for their wedding but were persuaded to forfeit their deposit to jump ship by Han, who promised that he could do a better job.

Han had also appeared to tell the couple he would even personally shoot their wedding at a discounted price:

Photo from Jack Lee/Facebook

Sending a different videographer

However, two weeks before the day of the wedding, Lee claimed that they were informed by Han that he would be sending another videographer in his place.

This was unacceptable for the couple because they had engaged the services of Allure Weddings as a result of seeing Han's portfolio.

"With so little time left before our wedding, he decides that the price he offered us (which was what we paid for) was an INSULT to him. There were no other discussions on whether we were agreeable on him sending an associate in replacement of him to shoot our wedding, nothing." (Capitalisation by Lee)

When Lee allegedly "tried to call, repeatedly sent text messages and even went down to the shop", he was reportedly ignored by the videographer.

Over-exposed and dirty photos

Furthermore, Lee added that they had already experienced some hiccups with Allure Wedding at their Registry of Marriage (ROM) solemnisation ceremony, prior to the issue of swapping videographers.

The videographer who covered the ROM reportedly did not do a good job, with overexposed shots as seen in this screengrab:

Photo from Jack Lee/Facebook

Lee also complain of a speck of dirt on the lens that seemed to blemish most of the footage:

Photo from Jack Lee/Facebook

Han could not shoot the ceremony himself as he already had plans to be overseas.

He also told Mothership that, despite contrary claims from the couple, he had not promised to shoot the ROM ceremony.

Videographer irked

Screenshots of a Whatsapp conversation appeared to show that Han was irked by the couple's complaints:

Photo from Jack Lee/Facebook

"Can you pls have a look at your contract and see how much you're paying and give me a proposal, rather than telling me about trusting my skills. I cant [sic] do anything with your trust," he said.

Han also added that "if you have nothing to propose then pls don't expect me to persoanally [sic] handle your wedding nor give you a favourable reply."

Allure Weddings also posted a photo on Instagram that Lee interpreted as a response to the couple sharing their grievances on the SG Budget Brides Facebook group.


The post appears to criticise the sentiment of expecting more than one is willing to pay for.

Han's side of the story

Speaking to Mothership, Han explained that there had been a mix-up over what constituted a full-day shoot and a half-day shoot.

For Han, a half-day shoot would involve only the wedding ceremony in the morning, while a full-day shoot would include the ceremony and the wedding banquet.

However, as Lee's banquet was taking place at lunch, the groom believed that it should have been included in a half-day shoot.

According to Han, despite his misgivings towards the couple's demands that the lunch banquet should be included in the shoot, he agreed to shoot both the ceremony and the banquet.

"Because we were quite close to their wedding -- if I'm not wrong, three or four weeks away from their wedding -- I said never mind."

Roping in another videographer

However, Han would have only two hours to produce a highlights video of the morning ceremony as the couple had wanted to show it at the banquet.

His solution to this was to suggest having another videographer shoot the morning event so that he would be free to edit the video on the go.

"I told them, 'Okay never mind, we have resources. Let me try to help you out here.' That's what I said on my text. So I arranged my guys -- with my best intentions -- because it is a lunch edit, I edit very fast. I edit better, faster than my guys.

Lunch edit, if you understand, you only have two hours to edit. So I assigned myself to edit and I got extra resources in to cover the wedding."

In regards to the couple's dissatisfaction with how their ROM ceremony was shot, Han said that the speck of dirt was "regrettable".

He added that the overexposed shot posted by Lee was an outlier -- "one out of hundreds of shots".

Han has also posted about the incident on his website, along with some screenshots of his own.

Refund provided

Lee wrote that, after much haggling, the couple was eventually able to get a refund from Allure Weddings.

They subsequently hired a new videographer to cover their wedding.

However, according to Lee, the new videographer was unable to salvage the footage from the ROM ceremony that Allure Weddings shot.

¯ \_(ツ)_/¯

Editor's note: "Pre-wedding shoot" was added to the list of services to reflect the cost of S$3,300.

Top image from Jack Lee Facebook

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