Starbucks Japan releases cat ear tumblers in pastel colours for S$21.75

So cute.

Mandy How | April 15, 03:02 pm


Starbucks Japan has released its line of summer merchandise.

And they’re going big on pastel colours and a frappuccino motif.

One of the prettiest items might be the Cold Cup Tumbler Cat Lid for 1,800 yen (S$21.75).

Image via Starbucks Japan

Besides the pink cat ears on the lid, the tumbler is decorated with swatches of pastel colour and sparkly  confetti.

Another item is the Frappuccino Pink Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler (3,300 yen, or S$39.88), with a light pink body, mint green lid, and frappuccino prints all over:

Image via Starbucks Japan

The Whip Lid Heat-Resistant Glass Cap Happy (2,400 yen, or S$29) comes with a whipped cream lid, as well as a reusable straw:

Image via Starbucks Japan

While the Lemon Cap and Lid Yellow Sunny Bottle (2,400 yen, or S$29) comes with a lemon-shaped silicon cap:

Image via Starbucks Japan

The Handle Tumbler Happy (2,200 yen, or S$26.58) is a translucent pink tumbler with a side handle:

Image via Starbucks Japan

And the Cold Cup Tumbler Frappuccino Party (2,000 yen, or S$24.17) is apparently designed for cold beverages, and has a fruit motif and gold glitter.

It also comes with a reusable straw: 

To round of the collection, frappuccino notebooks in pastel pink and green come for (2,000 yen, or S$24.17)


Top image via Starbucks Japan

H/T: SoraNews24


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