S’pore woman gets phone back after misplacing it, man who returns it declines reward

So nice.

Olivia Lin | April 27, 11:42 am


If you’ve ever lost your phone, you would know how difficult (probably impossible, actually) it is to get it back, especially if it has been gone for more than a day.

Not for this Facebook user’s mother though.

In a Facebook post on April 22, one YW Lee wrote about her mother’s experience in getting her misplaced phone back.

In it, she said her mother had misplaced her phone on a Thursday, and was not able to connect to it the next day.

By then, her mother was prepared for the worst.

But in what she described as a “miracle”, a man picked up her call.

According to Lee, he said she could collect her misplaced phone from him in Sembawang.

Man who returned phone declined reward

When Lee’s mother went to collect her phone, she offered to repay the kind stranger in some way.

However, the man, named Raja (according to the Facebook post), declined her offer, stating that Lee’s mother did not ask him to do any work, so he could not accept any payment.

Lee even followed up with Raja herself to see if she could offer him a gift card or a meal, which he also turned down.

According to Lee, his reply was:

“No thank you, but thank you for your good heart.”


And an even more pleasant outcome from this was, Lee writes, that her mother’s encounter with “great guy” Raja opened a window of opportunity for a discussion with her mom, whom she described in her post to possess “deeply entrenched” cultural stereotypes:

Screenshot via Edmund Seow Facebook post

Really great.

You can see her Facebook post here:

Top image via Facebook / YW Lee.

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