Security guard punched by Caucasian man left with swollen eye & sprained neck, police investigating

The assailant reportedly surrendered himself after the video went viral.

Ashley Tan | April 5, 11:29 pm


A video uploaded on Facebook on Thursday, April 4, 2019 showing a Caucasian man mocking and punching a security guard at Roxy Square went viral.

Video of Caucasian man mocking & flooring security guard with 1 punch goes viral in S’pore

The burly Caucasian man can be seen swearing and dismissing the security guard who was calmly trying to point him towards the right exits of the building.

The man then proceeds to trip the guard and follows up with a swift and sudden punch, sending the guard’s glasses flying and knocking him to the floor.

Here is the full video of the dramatic incident:

What happened before and after the video?

The security guard, who has been identified as 60-year-old supervisor Andrew Lim of Regal Security, told The Straits Times that the assailant approached another guard at 12:15am on Thursday.

The man complained that he was unable to find the mall’s exit and ignored the other guard’s attempts to explain that the main exit was already locked.

After asking to speak to the supervisor, which was Lim, the man allegedly started to behave in a “threatening manner”.

When Lim asked whether the man was trying to hit him, the man replied, in a foreshadowing of the incident to come: “Yes, maybe later.”

This was when Lim requested for the other guard to start filming.

After Lim was downed, the man reportedly tried to escape, and even attempted to land another blow on the guard who was filming.

He then fled the scene quickly as the other guard called the police.

Lim suffered multiple injuries

The video evidence has now come in handy.

Following the confrontation, Lim was given medical leave and sent for an x-ray examination, which revealed an abnormality, forcing Lim to undergo a CT scan as well.

The punch left Lim with a swollen eye, sprained neck and broken glasses.

Lim told ST that he still had to consume painkillers on Friday afternoon to cope with the pain from his injuries.

Caucasian man surrendered himself

Despite the bravado he seemed to exhibit in the video, the Caucasian man returned to Roxy Square to surrender himself on Friday afternoon after the video went viral.

Apparently, he wanted to apologise for the incident.

Police are currently investigating the case, assisted by Lim and another 47-year-old man.

The incident has been classified as a case of voluntarily causing hurt.

Lim’s medical costs will be covered by Regal Security, Lim’s employer.

The firm has also hired a lawyer for Lim, and will be taking action against the Caucasian man, reported ST.


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