Popeyes S’pore selling chocolate waffle, nacho cheese, spicy coconut chicken & kaya. Together.

Wait a minute.

Mandy How | April 12, 04:46 pm


The item’s full name is “Spicy Coconut Chick N’ Wah!-ffle” and it is selling for S$9.20 in a set meal.

One might be able to tell that it’s a chicken and waffles thing.

But that’s where fast food joint Popeyes departs from whatever we know about chicken and waffles.

Instead of the usual fare, customers get a waffle with “creamy” kaya, accompanied with a spicy coconut chicken patty, which is then topped with a chocolate Belgian waffle and nacho cheese.

Here is its promotional poster:

Image via Popeyes Singapore/Facebook


One Facebook user commented that it “does not taste bad”:

While another complained about the size of the patty: 

For reference:

Photo via Zulfadli Mohd Amin/Facebook

Most people expressed their apprehension at such a creation:


Here’s a link to some coupons if you’re feeling adventurous.

Top image via Popeyes Singapore and Zulfadli Mohd Amin on Facebook 

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