Bangkok lok lok & cheesy fried banana at Bukit Panjang pasar malam until May 5, 2019

Quite exotic.

Joshua Lee | April 24, 12:26 pm


Bukit Panjang residents, this is for you.

There’s a pasar malam (night market) outside Hillion Mall offering a few uncommon types of pasar malam food.

Here’s what you can find there:

Bangkok Lok Lok

Via Singapore Night Bazaar

Halal flaming brown sugar milk

Via Singapore Night Bazaar

Cheesy Goreng Pisang

Via Singapore Night Bazaar

Sweet Potato Ball

Via Singapore Night Bazaar

Taiwanese oyster mushroom

Via Singapore Night Bazaar

Fuzhou oyster cakes

Via Singapore Night Bazaar

If you don’t already know about these oyster cakes, they’re a type of deep fried kueh containing minced pork, oysters, coriander, and peanuts. Other versions contain prawns, or even crab stick.

The ones done by this stall “Teochew Meat Puff” is quite famous and often command long snaking queues.

Rare tasty Fuzhou Oyster Cakes available at Bukit Panjang pasar malam from Aug. 17 – 28

If these newfangled stuff are not your cup of tea, the pasar malam also offers more traditional food like Ramly burgers, tutu kueh, curry fishballs, kebabs, and more.

The pasar malam is operating outside Hillion Mall, 11am until 11pm, from now until Sunday May 5, 2019.

All image via Singapore Night Bazaar

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