Nas Daily to hire video editor in S’pore in 1-day video editing competition on April 27, 2019

Golden opportunity.

Joshua Lee | April 22, 03:31 pm


Nas Daily is looking for a video editor in Singapore.

The ultra-positive vlogger, whose real name is Nuseir Yassin, is holding a hackathon to hire the “best and hardest working” video editor.

The hackathon will be held on Saturday, April 27 from 9am to 6pm. Only 20 video editors will be shortlisted and invited for the hackathon.

Those invited to the hackathon will be given raw files of a video to work with. The one who edits it “in the best way” will be offered the job on the spot, with a “competitive salary”.

Video editors who are interested have to send their past work to be shortlisted. In a subsequent comment, Yassin also mentioned that he is looking for experienced people:

Here’s what Yassin posted:

The Golden Job Opportunity!

Singapore!! it’s time to hire!!

I am looking to start growing the Nas Daily Team. We need video editors. And we’re looking for the best and hardest working. Here is the idea:

This Saturday, 27th of April, we are hosting the Golden Job Hackathon with our partner WeWork. I will invite 20 video editors. You will be given raw files of a video and whoever edits the video in the best way will get a job offer on the spot.

To apply for the hackathon, please send an email to [email protected] with ONE VIDEO that YOU made. If we like it, you will get an invitation via email to join us at WeWork Office for the Hackathon THIS Saturday 9-6 PM .

It will be an exciting day full of videos. And by the end of it, one will walk out with a job offer (and a competitive salary).

Looking forward! See you this Saturday!

Already hired two Singaporeans

Yassin recently relocated to Singapore on April 17.

He previously told the media that he wanted to hire five people to join the Nas Daily Media Company once he arrived in Singapore.

Nas Daily to start hiring 5 people for S’pore video production company from April 2019

According to CNA, Yassin has already hired two Singaporeans.

Top image via Nas Daily Facebook page. 


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