Lee Wei Ling: Wrong to say Lee Hsien Yang received more inheritance

The siblings received equal shares.

Belmont Lay | April 16, 03:52 am


The late Lee Kuan Yew’s second child, Lee Wei Ling, has posted a new update to the long-running 38 Oxley Road saga.

She wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday, April 14:

What did her new post claim?

She wrote that her father had initially planned to give her “a little more” inheritance than her two brothers in a 2012 version of the late first prime minister’s will.

However, the late Lee eventually decided in his final will in 2013 to give equal shares of his estate to all three children.

Lee Wei Ling, the middle child of the late Lee, then alluded in her Facebook post to media reports that “continued to repeat false and dishonourable allegations” that her youngest brother Lee Hsien Yang “somehow swindled our father to get more in his final will”.

She then wrote: “Each of us received equal shares in the estate, no more, no less.”

Hit out at media reports

The 64-year-old Lee Wei Ling also claimed that the alleged reports against her younger brother Lee Hsien Yang were not true: “This is a lie.”

“Equal shares was always our parents intention and agreement between them and with the children,” she also wrote.

Another lawyer drafted late Lee Kuan Yew’s will

Lee Wei Ling’s post also touched on who was the lawyer who drafted the last will.

Lee Hsien Yang has maintained that his father’s final will was drafted by lawyer Kwa Kim Li.

But Kwa has denied this.

Lee Wei Ling repeated this claim in her post, going further by saying: “Kwa Kim Li was retained as our father’s lawyer for all his wills save the first (drafted by our mother, for which she was the principal beneficiary).”

She also wrote that Kwa had been of the opinion to go with equal shares for the three siblings.

Lee Wei Long wrote that Kwa had even written to her before: “In an e-mail to me, she wrote: ‘I told him …. when he instructed me to divide the estate unequally, that it was already decided that the estate was to be divided equally.’ This is exactly what was reflected in his final will.”

38 Oxley Road Lee family saga development

What happened initially?

The saga first erupted on June 14, 2017.

Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang, the second and third children of the late Lee, issued a joint statement of “no confidence” against their elder brother and Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong.

The Lee siblings’ statement was put up on social media.

What did the statement against Lee Hsien Loong say?

They accused Lee Hsien Loong of plotting to keep the former family home at 38 Oxley Road in order to build a political dynasty, starting with his son, Li Hongyi.

They also accused the prime minister of having threatened them.

Special parliamentary session convened

The back-and-forth between the Lee siblings eventually resulted in a special parliamentary session in July 2017.

In a ministerial statement, PM Lee called his siblings’ allegations “entirely baseless”.

Several days later, PM Lee’s siblings called a truce on their social media posts, “provided that we and our father’s wish are not attacked or misrepresented”.

Lee Hsien Yang’s family trouble

Lee Suet Fern, who is Lee Hsien Yang’s wife, will face a disciplinary tribunal convened by the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) for her alleged role in the matter.

This is despite Lee Hsien Yang maintaining that his wife played no role in preparing late Lee Kuan Yew’s final will.

In a Facebook post on April 12, Lee Hsien Yang claimed that AGC had filed “over 500 pages of complaint” against Lee Suet Fern.

His son, Li Shengwu, a 34-year-old professor at Harvard University is also facing contempt of court proceedings over a private Facebook post in October 2017.

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