Guylian chocolate milk & coffee sold at 7-Eleven S’pore for S$2.40


Mandy How | April 26, 2019 @ 06:27 pm


Guylian chocolates are a common sight in Singapore’s supermarkets.

Photo via Guylian

The Belgian chocolate brand is best known for their seashell-shaped pralines.

Recently, Guylian has also started selling chocolate milk and chocolate coffee (essentially mocha) in 7-Eleven.

Photo by Mandy How

A 250ml packet costs S$2.40.

Here’s what the chocolate milk looks like:

Photo by Mandy How
Photo by Mandy How
Photo by Mandy How

Surprisingly, the drink wasn’t too sweet.

It was slightly bitter, with a nutty smell.

If you’re curious, here’s the ingredients list and nutrition information:

Photo by Mandy How

From their giveaway post on April 18, it seems like the beverage is available at all outlets:

Top image by Mandy How

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