Parents found son at LAN shop near Geylang instead of studying, called police on shop that allowed him in

Lan lan, must go back.

Nyi Nyi Thet |Zhangxin Zheng | April 9, 10:21 pm


LAN shops are still apparently going strong, at least if one were to go by this report by Lianhe Wanbao.

A 14-year-old boy decided to go to one of these shops to play some games with his friends.

He had told his parents he was going to stay back in school to do homework with his friends.

He told them he would get back home at 9pm, instead of his usual 6.30pm.

However, when he did come back, he informed his parents that he would be late the next day as well, once again due to homework.

Suspicions aroused

According to Wanbao, his mother, whose suspicions had been raised, found a VIP card for one of the LAN shops in her son’s wallet.

Her husband, Ke, is a private investigator, which might have very well informed their next course of action.

The next day, the husband and wife made their way down to the LAN shop at Geylang to try and infiltrate the shop.

They presented the VIP card to which they were told someone was already using the account at another one of their other establishments.

They then went to the gaming place in Aljunied road that the staff mentioned.

That’s where they saw their son, along with three of his also uniform-wearing friends playing some games.

This led to an exchange of words between father and the shop’s staff.

After the staff made clear that the manager wasn’t in, the father called the police in to remedy the issue.

One of his major issues with this entire thing was how the establishment allowed students in uniforms to enter the premises despite proclaiming that they would not.

The shop, for their part, admitted the error and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Wanbao reporters went down the next day and confirmed that the patrons at that time were all adults.

As for Ke, he told Wanbao he wanted to remind parents to keep a closer look on their children.

He was also grateful that he discovered his son had been going to LAN places early on, for fear that his son might have gotten addicted to games and neglected his school work.


H/T: Wanbao

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