Stuff’d outlet in Yishun to provide free food for struggling kids under 14

Applicants can reach out to them via email, or DM.

Guan Zhen Tan | April 22, 03:02 pm


Here’s a wholesome story to start your week.

Stuff’d, the Mexican-Turkish inspired eatery that’s best known for its kebabs, burritos, and daily bowls, is giving away food to underprivileged kids under 14.

Starting from Yishun

In a Facebook post published on April 18, the eatery mentioned that the initiative would start on Easter.

It also stated that it would begin at its Northpoint City outlet in Yishun, to “better understand the demand as well as to develop the mechanism for [the initiative].”

The brand hopes that this will help children who have difficulties in getting enough food.

“We’re doing this to make sure that our kids will not go hungry, and that they have access to better, nutritious food no matter their circumstances.”

How to get it

In order to be a recipient, applicants should direct message Stuff’d on Instagram, or reach out to them via [email protected]

The eatery will then ask a few questions to ascertain the situation the applicant is in.

Those who qualify will be given a card, which will allow him/her to collect food daily from the Stuff’d outlet.

The initiative is also open to helping existing organisations, schools and teachers who are caring for the children as well.

Those who do not live near Yishun are still encouraged to send a message to the chain, and its management will try to extend the initiative to other outlets.

For genuine cases

At the same time, Stuff’d implores the public to “save it for the really genuine cases”.

“If you are not sure whether you qualify, then you are probably the lucky majority that do not need this.”

Heartwarming, and belly-warming.

Top image via Stuff’d Facebook page


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