Kind Sembawang resident giving away 300 packs of free nasi ayam penyet to the needy

Generous initiative.

Belmont Lay| April 05, 05:22 PM

God bless Yishun because a kind Sembawang resident next door has volunteered to cook and give away 300 packets of food with no strings attached.

Generous initiative

The generous initiative was shared to Facebook on April 4, 2019 by the resident who resides in Canberra estate, which is in Sembawang, just right beside Yishun.

From 150 packs to 300 packs

The woman initially said there would be 150 packets of food to be given away on the coming Sunday, April 7.

In the post, she said the food was meant for the low income and needy families.

Overwhelming demand

The woman then updated her post saying that 300 packets will be made available due to the overwhelming response.

Those interested had to send her a message before hand.

She wrote that those keen on the free meal can drop by her place between 2pm and 6pm to collect it.

At the moment, the offer is over as there appears to be more than sufficient demand.

Received help with delivery

In a second Facebook post on April 5, the woman said she has received some help as others have chipped in to offer to give kuih and to distribute some of the meals meant for those who are not mobile.