Audi driver gestures while cutting into lane at JB customs, allegedly scratches car in process

A passenger in the Audi said that the driver initially gave a 'friendly hi-5 gesture', but was ignored.

Tanya Ong | April 16, 06:12 pm


According to a video uploaded to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante, one driver apparently cut into another driver’s lane at JB customs.

Cuts queue while gesturing

The video was uploaded by one Jan Goh, who said that his wife was driving from JB to Singapore on Apr. 14, 2019.

While in the queue for customs clearance, an Audi driver “cut their queue”, supposedly after they had been queuing for over an hour.

In doing so, the Audi driver allegedly scratched Goh’s vehicle.

While cutting their queue, the driver also extended his hand out of his vehicle window and made a three-fingered gesture:

Screengrab from video.

This is the full video of the incident:

In his post, Goh emphasised that they “stayed very close to the car in front” and even “honked”.

He also stated that he took issue with the gesture, explaining that raising the “full palm” — and not the three-fingered gesture — would have signalled gratitude.

They are in the process of making an insurance claim for the damages, he added.

Other side responds in comments section

On the comments’ section of the post, a lady identifying herself as a passenger in the Audi responded.

Foong explained that they came from the slip road and could not possibly reverse “all the way to the back and queue”.

She added that the Audi driver signalled his intention and even gave a “friendly hi-5 gesture”, but was ignored.



Top photo via video screengrab FB/Jan Goh.


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