American returns to 109-year-old Indian restaurant in S’pore 45 years after his first meal

When it comes to good food, customer loyalty can cut across countries and time.

Matthias Ang | April 24, 11:45 am


One of the best ways a country can leave a good impression is through its food.

And if that impression is deep enough, it can last decades.

First visit in 1974

On April 22, Indian eatery Victory Restaurant at North Bridge Road shared a video on Facebook, featuring an American man and his wife.

The man spoke about how eating at the restaurant had left an indelible mark on him in 1974, as it was his first time eating Indian food, which he had never eaten before.

Here is the video:

The video’s caption read:

“Our valued customer who came all the way from U.S.A. He came long before in 1974 and now came again in search of our indian food with our visiting card. Really we look forward fr such valuable customers further ahead ♥️ 👍🏻”

The restaurant also put up a second post featuring photos of the American couple posing with a staff member.

A restaurant card laden with meaning

The video begins with the man reminiscing about his first meal at the restaurant.

The year was 1974 and he was passing through Singapore, with a “crew of guys” prospecting for oil.

As proof of having eaten Indian food

The man then holds up a card of the restaurant he took from his first visit, adding that he had chicken curry and chapati.

Additionally, he also used the card as proof to his family that he had eaten Indian food, as there were no Indian restaurants back in West Virginia at the time.

What’s more, it was through this same card that the man found the restaurant again.

As proof of the restaurant being over a century old

Interestingly, the card also showed that the restaurant is 109 years old.

Its was established in 1910.

The card also highlighted some of the restaurant’s specialities and states that a special order can be arranged to “convince you”, presumably for sceptical eaters.

Screenshot from Victory Restaurant

But over 40 years on, the restaurant has changed with the times.

The American tourist can be seen posing in another photo holding what appears to be the new card, side-by-side with a staff member holding the old card.

Source: Victory Restaurant Facebook

Feels like he’s come back to “see family again”

Explaining why he came back, the man said he was visiting Southeast Asia for a holiday.

Upon coming to Singapore, he told his wife: “We have to go by and see if they’re still there!”

The video concluded with the American man saying that he greatly enjoyed the food, and the way in which he has been treated by people has made him feel like he has returned to “see family again”.


Top image from Victory Restaurant Facebook

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