Yishun man who swung & kicked poodle has it taken away, thanks to concerned citizens

Hope the doggo gets a good new home.

Nyi Nyi Thet | March 12, 08:44 pm

On March 11, 2019, a video was uploaded to Facebook by a person named Apollo Chan.

It showed a man swinging his poodle by the leash, as if it was a backpack of sorts.

The poodle, understandably, was struggling as it was swung back onto the bench, before being stared down.

This video caused an uproar on Facebook, with many calling the man out for his seeming disregard for the poodle’s well-being.

Unlike most other Facebook posts though, this group of people were determined to carry out some real-life change.


On March 12, another video was uploaded to Chan’s page, this time showing a group of them confronting the owner of the poodle.

In it, one woman Melody Yap is seen confronting the man, imploring what appears to be an Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) officer to not return the dog to the owner.

Yap also gave some more insight into the case with her own Facebook post.

According to Yap, the man, who’s from Yishun, allegedly has a history of mistreating the poodle.

His kids were rather rough with the poodle too, it seems.

“His kids were also seen, on numerous occasions, torturing the dog. Not only do they kick the dog in its belly; they used a motor leash on him, extended it to the fuller & let the dog run until he’s choked, then pressed the button to forcefully retract the leash, causing the dog to fly back to them.”

Chan also posted another video showing the man kicking the poodle.

Even though the poodle was successfully rescued by AVA, some in the group didn’t escape unscathed.

Chan himself was bitten, though he insisted it was nothing, especially compared to his anger at the poodle owner.

“Last night was a mess. It wasn’t as smooth, and I got bitten by the poor poodle too because he struggled so hard. But my bites are nothing; what angered me so much was when the wretched owner even had the cheek to ask my goddaughter (when she questioned him) what did he do wrong.”

According to Yap’s Instagram story, the poodle had tried to escape by running across the street, and had bitten Chan when he caught her.

While no permanent decision appears to have been passed, those in the group are rather clear about what they want done.

Keep the poodle away from the man.

Image collated from Chan’s Facebook

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