Legit acoustic guitar song composed for Tampines estate thanks to heartland guy on Twitter

Lo-fi guitar tune.

Mandy How | March 25, 11:03 pm


If every movie has a theme song, why shouldn’t every neighbourhood estate?

Well, one guy in Singapore might probably change that.

Tampines theme song

In a tweet on March 25, 2019, Twitter user @mickeyleano uploaded a video of a man strumming singing along to the guitar accompaniment, a song composed for Tampines estate.

Legit attempt

Although just a stanza and chorus, it is more than a short jingle as it sounds like a respectable lo-fi ditty.

So far, the tweet has been retweeted about 260 times.

The song is definitely worth checking out.

If it gets watched enough, maybe there can be a full version done soon.

Then maybe other estates can start having their own songs too.

Top image via @mickeyleano and Google maps

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